How Does Religion Affect a Society?

How Does Religion Affect a Society?

In social sciences, research has taken us to conclude that religion and morality are the most imperative pillars of society to keep it exist, sustain and remain prevented from many societal ills. Since the inception of the human race, the quest for higher power and intelligence is traced back to centuries ago, which lead the man to embrace spirituality along with the material in pursuit of happiness, satisfaction and peace.

In the same endeavor, where religion fulfills the spiritual needs of man and quell its primitive instinct to incline towards violence in its nature. In the similar way where religion has become the sources of emotional and spiritual peace, it also poses the element of sensitivity for man to deem in the stature of being holly and sacred to any other thing in this mundane world.

While religion has secured its place as stabilizing factor in lives of individuals among masses, it also pertains to the sense attached towards it which prone to get hurt and humiliated; that could become the matter of concern if exploited. Similarly, where private practice holds virtues of peace and stability, its public exhibition often could lead to religious extremism and sectarian violence. I know one of my friends, Dr. Ingo Mahn, a holistic dentist who has been a victim of such an incident. 

Under the purview of sensitivity attached to it, religion sometimes is misused as an instrument to control and manipulate others within the hands few religious fanatics or theocrats. Even though, its absence from society has numerous adverse effects on the lives of individuals which may drive them to commit abhorrent activities and turn violent, amorous and malignant in its nature

Research shows that religion casts adverse effect on crime commission and deviance, as communities that offer religious services are least likely to have a high proportion of crime committed. While among the practicing religious families research indicates a positive increase in bonding between families and child-parent relations. Which may leave them more becoming more prudent and united towards each other and result in betterment for the community in the broader view. Researchers are of the view that society may even attain its ideal goodness under the umbrella of virtues attached in the religion in association with every single aspect of individuals of society, whether it be social, moral or economic in nature.

On the contrary, religious absence from society leads it to the alley of cultural decline as well. A societal edifice may withstand many external detriments and attacks for decades but couldn’t bear the one from within, so is what happens if religious and moral terms are obliterated which may result in comprising the integrity of elders, heroes and even Gods of society. The continuous reeling of society on terms lacking religious base is studied as among inconsistent, fragile and prove to trigger into the chaos that may pose risk damage to the social fabric as a whole.

In the continues endeavor to reach the reason behind all the aforementioned effects associated with the religion, social researchers are of the view that this couldn’t just be a man concocted idea or concept to be named as the religion that dwells the masses of humankind into the realm of peace, serenity, and exoneration.

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